"I come from a proud single parent family and was raised by my mother to be a responsible and upstanding citizen. I believe in justice and equality for all. I believe we need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and find a sensible and responsible gun control policy. We need to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and increase our use of renewable energy. We need to create and maintain green spaces and do what we can to ensure that we leave our planet in better shape for our children. With my experience as an attorney, I know how to work with those with opposing views to get things done and how to convince those that may disagree to see things from a different perspective."



We need common-sense gun control legislation including universal background checks, keeping guns out of the hands of those convicted of any domestic crime, assault weapon and high capacity magazine bans, and increased mental health support. Lobbyists should not control our future and safety nor that of our children.


We need prison reform including increased penalties for violent criminals and decreased penalties for low level, non violent crimes. We need to focus on rehabilitation for those that will be released, not retribution. We need to continue passing legislation that allows individuals to have their records expunged or sealed so that their lives are not defined, and in some instances, ruined, by one act, if they have completed their sentence. We need to treat those that are sentenced to prison like individuals, not animals, so that when they are released they can be functioning members of society and not repeat offenders. We also need to end the privatization of prisons. Prisons should not be run for profit where individuals are treated like dollar signs, with the sole purpose of maximizing profits. This does not and has not worked. Our current criminal justice system does not work for those on the inside or the outside, and while I may not have all the answers, I am willing to try.


Every individual in this country deserves access to first-class healthcare. Your ability to receive treatment should not depend on your finances. We all deserve to be treated equal when it comes to our health and well-being.


Our planet is in trouble. We consume and waste too much in this country. We pollute the planet and are destroying our earth. We need to decrease are use of and dependency on fossil fuels. We need to increase our renewable energy usage with wind and solar power. We need to recycle and reuse more, decrease our use of harmful products such as single use plastics and chemicals that can kill plants, insects, and animals. We need harsher penalties for polluters both individual and corporate, and incentives to switch over to clean energy. We need to invest more in the clean energy sector and protect our waterways from pollution and over-fishing. I know these changes will be difficult, but in the end there is no choice. We must act now before it is too late. I want Pennsylvania to become a leader in using renewable energy and in employing individuals in the renewable energy sector. Pennsylvania was a leader in the coal industry and we can be a leader in the renewable energy industry. I will not look out for companies and their profits at the expense of our planet and health. I will not back down to special interests or big businesses.


Almost everyone in this great country is an immigrant or descended from immigrants. My ancestors came from Ireland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary in the 19th and early 20th century. Immigrants have made this country great and continue to contribute on a daily basis. Not only should we have a welcoming immigration policy, but when an individual applies for asylum we should treat them with dignity and respect. We should not be turning away individuals who request asylum, separating families at the border, detaining children for months and months, or deporting immigrants.

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