My name is Michael Handley. I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and raised by my mother who is from just outside of Pittsburgh. I came from a hard-working blue collar family. My grandparents and uncles all worked in the steel mills and from an early age I was taught to work hard, expect nothing to be given to you, and respect everyone.

I moved to Philadelphia to attend St. Joseph's University and was the second person in my family to graduate college after my sister. After school I worked for several years in sales and finance before meeting my wife Lena, who was born and raised in Ukraine. I eventually  attended Temple Law School as the first in my family to receive an advanced degree. Since graduating from law school I have worked for the Social Security Administration and for a private firm representing those who have been discriminated against. Lena and I are proud to call Ambler home.

I have always had a profound sense of justice. I believe everyone should be treated equal and have the same opportunities. This is why I have decided to run to be your Representative for the 152nd district. Too many things in our Commonwealth, and our country, are broken. We have a broken justice system, a broken environmental policy, a broken healthcare system, and a broken immigration policy. With your vote, I hope to have the opportunity to fix them.

If I am elected, I will work my hardest from day one. I will bring in jobs, protect our open spaces, fix our roads and bridges, help our veterans in any way I can; and most importantly, listen to my constituents to help improve their lives. As your representative, I promise you will will always have a voice. I will answer every email and return all calls. My door will always be open here and in Harrisburg. I will not be influenced by companies or special interests that only worry about profit. I promise you, I will always vote for what is best for my constituents, my district, and this planet. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that I will have the opportunity to represent you.

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